Once upon a new year’s eve

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you how I came to be  here, stepping up to stand at the beginning of this venture. This last year has been full of indecision, what to do, which direction to take, how to get there. How to even start. Doubt is the best preventative.

How do I take that step if I don’t know where it will lead? How will it work? Can it be done? What about juggling everything? How will I feel?

Is it really as simple as following your heart? Maybe not. But it’s a good place to begin. And that’s how I came to find my starting point . Looking at the thing I love. The written word. The smell of books. The art of writing. It was serendipity, a small insignificant coincidence that flicked the switch. That moment of half dismissing a crazy suggestion when a voice, once small and quiet, spoke clearly. “I would like to do that.”

I also know now where I want this to lead, what landmarks I would like to have reached by the end of the year. It’s sounding more like a plan than a vague gesture at something that I might think about doing.

If you have a plan, a dream, an aim then I hope this is the year for you to reach out for it and to look back on tonight exhilarated and excited. I hope I will feel the same. That’s how I want to feel. So I’m going to do what it takes to get there. Join me.


Happy New Year.